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04 February 2009 @ 05:00 pm
[016] View Finder (chapter 1)  
I have another ficcie I promised to write (Mostly for babie_azn_angel  !!! YUS. READ IT. <3)
This one is a lot different from the other fic I'm currently writing :D Still same sexy alicenine, with a new twist!!!

TITLE: View finder (srsly.)
AUTHOR: jun_x_kohta 

---->SAGA X HIROTO, SAGA X SHOU, SHOU X TSUBASA (mostly implied), SAGA X TAKA (also implied *cough*)
Bounty hunters of the dead, Saga and Hiroto are faced with the supernatural!! (you'll have to read the rest to find out :D)

THANK YOU: To MARU-cho/Ophelia for co-brainstroming with me & totaly fangirling over Saga atm to force convince me into writing this!!! ^_^ And for the idea of a crossover with Arisu, CW and  "badass" Nobu! ROFL. Thankies very much!

1:30 AM-SATURDAY 12/2

"be quick, remain unseen and get the job done." This was the code of the bounty hunters; firm and straight to the point. No room for questions and certainly no room for error.

A single light was lit in the dimming darkness of what appeared to be some kind of a bedroom. A soft clicking noise could be heard several times, the small light appearing and dissapperaing everytime it had done so. Sitting, crouched over and resting his elbows at the ends of his knees, a man's figure barely outlined by the hue of the moon was sitting complacently on the bed. A lighter was clenched in his hand as he impatiently tried to light a cigarette. Several more clicks repeated before he had become successful~

 Looking around, the room itself was a comforting one even in the blinding darkness that surrounded it. It was often times like these that caused memories to flood back. There was something about the night time that had stimulated such behavior and in all truth it bugged the man deeply. His past wasn't one you could call completely "pleasant" and on occassion bad memories would always make their vicious return no matter how much he tried to supress it.

Thinking about it indistinctively caused the man to take a long drag of his cigarette, inhaling as much as his body could handle. He let out a long smoke filled sigh, taking his free hand to tangle through his soft brown hair; an obvious sign of stress.

He hated having such contradicting feelings in the night more than anything. This place, this apartment, it was his safe haven...a place of comfort and relaxation. Though it was also a place flooded with memories. Painful, happy, and even sad.

Sometimes, when the thought crossed his mind...he thought about his childhood. Or..at least tried too. All of it got blurred in the pages of the past. His memory just wasn't what it used to be...

" I wonder how it came to be like this..."

Laying back on his bed, the man tried to rid the thoughts from his mind. He had already gone and spoiled a nice night like this already. That's when his phone rang. Like always, at an untimely hour. The vibrations ran down the length of the man's thighs making him feel a bit....unnerved. Reaching quickly in to his pocket, he retrieved his phone not even bothering to see who was calling him before saying a somewhat firm "Hello?"

"Saga, We have a new assignment. I want you to stop by my office, 2am sharp, don't be late. It seems as if a certain someone has returned for a second round. We'll talk soon."

Saga didn't even have enough time to respond before he heard a soft clicking on the other end, signaling the end of the phone call. Smiling, he took another taste of his cigarette. His Boss Taka wasn't one to fuck around with. What he said, was to always be taken with the utmost seriousness. But then, that was what made him so dangerously appealing. Saga wasn't one that preferred being commanded being the stubborn, independent guy he always was, but letting his headstrong front down in front of Taka never bothered him. Taka was a powerful man and Saga, as much as he didn't want to admit it, liked it.

 suddenly glancing at the table side clock, remembering he had to somewhere to go and perferrably fast, Saga looked at the glowing red numbers that emitted from it. His heart almost sank when his eyes gazed over the numbers. 1:43am. He had almost got too wound up in his thoughts.


His spat the word out, worried and a bit nervous that he might not be able to get to the main office in time...Failing to report to his superior on the exact hour always lead to some kind of crazy punishment. Especially when it was a serious sounding case as this one. Saga had learned over the years that whenever Taka didn't explain the case over the phone was a big indication he was going to be faced with something huge. No matter how much he secretly liked submissing to Taka, punishment on these standards were never fun. They were always beneficial in ways, yet humiliating and degrading in others. Shaking the thought from his head, Saga crushed his cigarette on a near by ash tray and got up from the bed.

The room was completely dark now, the light of his cigarette long gone from sight. Saga turned around once to view the solemnly dark room behind him before grabbing his coat and keys,leaving with silence.

12:21pm SATURDAY. 12/2

"Yes, just that like that. Good, good. Tilt your head back just a bit...There! Now stay still please."

Quick flashes of light filled the small studio room in unison with the sounds of rapid clicking as a photoshoot was taking place. Looking through the lens of his camera, the rather young photographer focused on his subject as diligently as he seemed fit. His model, who was currently sprawled across his bed, was an attractive one. There was something about him that caused him to be so stunning that particular day...Maybe it had been the way he was positioned on his bed; on his back with his hips slightly turned to the side, his hands laying gracefully above his head and lips parted. Or maybe it had been the way his shirt fell slightly open, revealing his creamy, soft skin. Whatever the reason, it had him in some kind of a trance.

"Something wrong Shou?" The young man asked seeing that his friend had a blank look about his face.

The younger shook his head. "I'm sorry. I must be tired today. I can't concentrate."
That was a lie. He just didn't want to admit to his friend he had a small attraction to him... photographing him like this.

In all truth, it had been the first time he had thought about photographing people, let alone a male figure such as his friend. The topic spontaneously happened one day, when the both of them were out drinking coffee and reviewing Shou's photographic journal.
Have you ever photographed people?
He shook the thought from his head. Not wanting to remember how it got this way, how he had got sucked into doing this.

"Maybe we should have a break...After all, it's your birthday! You shouldn't be stressed out any." The older boy sat up on his bed, his hair a bit tazzled from laying on it.
"I found this interesting shop..I think you'd like it. It has a bunch of things that you would find interesting Shou. Want to go?"

He nodded his head in response.
"Sounds good! But in the meantime I want to go develop these shots for you. It'll only take a few minutes."

"But Sho-"

"Don't worry. It's my way of thanking you, Tsubasa. Besides, you're the only one who is willing enough to cope with being photographed by me. You should see the shots now!" Shou smiled and turned to head for his dark room, convieniently situated one door over to his studio room.  A few minutes later he came out, a pile of pictures in his hands, a grimace clearly reflected on his face.

Tsubasa turned his attention towards his friend, immediately knowing what that look meant having been around him long enough to know.
"Let me see them. They can't be that bad! I always like your photos, Shou. If i didn't I wouldn't trust you photograph me to begin with." He smiled lightheartedly trying in vain to make his friend feel better.
Climbing off the bed, Tsubasa made his way towards Shou, gently grasping the pictures that wobbled in his shaking hands. Tsubasa flipped through them; his eyes looking them over piece by piece.
"These are wonderful! I might have been doing some awkward positions but you directed me well...just look how you executed these! It's amazing! But Why are you so dissapointed??"

Shou was silent for awhile not being able to find his words for a moment.
"I don't know...I...just don't think i captured your true essance. Seeing you in person and comparing that to the photos don't reflect the way you are. The way you are here." Shou gently tapped Tsubasa's chest.
He ducked his head down, a clear sign of dissapointment and let out a frustrated sigh.
"Maybe i just need a new camera."
"You're too hard on yourself.." Tsubasa smiled as he gently patted Shou's head and tucking a long lock of golden hair behind his ear. "Lets go out and find one for you. The shop I was talking about earlier will definitely have one. Come, It'll make you feel much better!"
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babie_azn_angel on February 5th, 2009 07:14 am (UTC)
haven't read it yet BUT! i wanted first comment >3 will comment again ^O^
majide: Ryutarojun_x_kohta on February 5th, 2009 08:09 am (UTC)
lol but it's here, and not going anywhere so read when you want neeeeeee~! ♥
babie_azn_angel on February 5th, 2009 08:19 am (UTC)
SAGA! woman you make him sound so... *O* of course, he already is.. you just add points to his *O*-ness lolol.
and TAKA! ever so badass Taka who Saga totally has the hots for xD
Photographer!Shou.. *drools* omgg hot hot hot <3 photographing Tsubasa.. EVEN HOTTER! Let me have your babies Shou <3 *dies*
and hey! i totally did not force you! you wrote it out of your own fangirlyness haha xD still totally can't wait for the entrance of Hiro btw ;D
majide: Kisumaijun_x_kohta on February 6th, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
ROFL. THATS BECAUSE SAGA IS ALWAYS *O* It's fun to play around with his character too *grins* !! ♥ Because I can get away with making him so RAWR. >3
OH YUS. SAGA x TAKA. I love it!! though that pairing doesn't make the slightest sense XDDDDDD And Nobu would kill me so hardcore if he found out about this *HEADDESKS*

Photographer!Shou is so cuteeeee and so shy *pinches him* and has a man crush on tsubasa~ hehe <333 LMAO> *sends you shou to have babies* hey...didn't you have someone else you wanted to do this with? :O LOL.

Nah, our fangiring made me want to write it sdjkfhsjkdfhsksejhase darn you arisu for being hotties!! >o
babie_azn_angel on February 6th, 2009 06:08 am (UTC)
but i'm sure nobu would understand or even be happy about it if you simply brainwashed him with Saga xD
*squishes him* i know i do D: but heey~ i can dream right? lolol CHOU SCANDALOUS!! wry does there have to be sho many bishies? wrrrryyy???!!!11!11!1!111111!!!!!! *flails*