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28 April 2008 @ 05:59 am
Giving In: Chapter 1  
Ahhh, I'm a bit nervous ^^ this is only the second fanfic I've ever posted D: *gasps* And what was supposed to be kind of a short story turned out a tad bit longer than I had expected *headdesks* anyways. as you know It's Masakazu x Kanoe from Rh plus! (in which everyone should watch because there's so many shounen-ai hints it makes me happy x3

I even made a banner for it haha xD;;

Title: Giving in
Pairing: Masakazu x Kanoe
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: PG (for now! =D)
Author: me (jun_x_kohta)


Upon hearing the sound of his cell phone ring blaringly into his ears, Masakazu rolled over sluggishly in his bed, not in any particular hurry to even attempt to wake up. He, of all people, valued his sleep especially when Kanoe had always won the favor of the girls during Goukon. Thus, resulting in making him work extra hard. It was always tiring to be on the losing side. Besides, it was the weekend! This meant sleeping in…and…

Masakazu let out a long sigh remembering that he had endless amounts of things to do and lying in bed was never remotely productive. Not to mention, Kiyoi would certainly be irritable if he had skipped breakfast again. Even though he’d never show it, being the calm mannered guy he always was.

Sitting up in his bed, Masakazu yawned widely and stretched his arms as much as he could trying to rid himself of any sleepiness that still lingered in his body. He felt extremely sore and achy probably due to the fact he slept in weird positions all through the night. Having had bad dreams last night was most likely the cause of this small misfortune. He seemed to be getting them a lot lately…most of them were flashbacks of his past that frankly he didn’t want to remember regardless of it being part of who he was.

Forgetting his aching body, he looked around for his phone, hoping he could find it under the piles of books that laid carelessly about his bedroom. He was always either too busy or too lazy to clean his room and living like this had never bothered him but it caused the others to stay away from his room by all means. Especially Kiyoi, though it hadn’t surprised him one bit since he liked his privacy more than anyone he had known.

Shoving some books to the side and back again, he caught glimpse of the silver corner of his keitai denwa. This time he was lucky enough to have found it so early into his search remembering last time he tried looking for something it dragged on into insane amount of hours…more than it should have. Uncovering his phone he held it up close so the small screen was visible through his tired stricken eyes.

“one new text…” he read out loud, pressing the VIEW button, desperately hoping it was something important… having had woken him up from his “beauty sleep” at an untimely hour.

Let’s go to Goukon tonight. We’ll see if you are “worthy” enough to be able to complete against me the this time around. ;D


“EHHH!?? “ Masakazu almost shrieked in utter horrification at the thoughts of competing against Kanoe again. Last night was a total disaster; he ended up drinking himself to a stupor to keep him occupied from being totally shamed. Grasping tightly around his cell phone he became motivated as ever. 

“Who does he think he is? I’ll show him my abilities as the true Goukon prince! JUST YOU WAIT!!”

Gaining much needed energy, Masakazu threw the covers off himself and without even changing into any clothes, bolted down the stairs eager to eat his much awaited breakfast. As usual, he found Kiyoi making the last of the meal when he came in. Everyone else had already been awake for hours.

“Mou!  You slept in again?! We were waiting for you.… baka kazu!”

“Hai hai..eh? baka?! I didn’t sleep in! You guys are just awake early!” Masakazu said defensively, lightly poking Ageha in the forehead.

“Ohayou.” Kiyoi interjected hoping the boys would settle down and behave their age if they were distracted from one another. After all, he wanted to start eating as much as Ageha at this point and it was the first time they all decided to wait for him. Now seeing why they hadn’t before became plainly obvious.

“Ohayou.” Masakazu replied, seating himself next to Ageha. Eyeing up his French toast that was situated on his plate he hurriedly stuffed a few pieces in his mouth.

“Oishiiiiii!” he commented, cheeks full of French toast. Masakazu never really minded his manners when he was around them; they were like family anyways so why did he care?

“Of course it is!” Ageha pitched in again almost as if he was slightly offended by the thought of the food being described as only delicious. “After all it’s Kiyoi-san’s cooking. It’s always “Oishii”, ne?” Ageha turned his attention over to the other dark haired boy who had sat quietly next to him, eating his food and possibly not paying any attention to anyone else but the toast.


Masakazu gulped down a few more pieces and quickly finished his meal. After all, he wanted to see who was going to the Goukon this time. Lifting his glass filled with tomato juice as in a signal he was about to leave the table, the others followed his lead and lifting them in a toast like manner, drank from it.

“Mmm bloody.” They all said in unison. Strangely enough it had become a weird ritual at breakfast.

“Maa, I have things to go do now. Gochisousama!” Masakazu stood up from his seat and turned to leave to his room to change not worrying that he hadn’t spent enough time properly eating.
“Makoto-chan,” Masakazu paused addressing the dark haired boy, “make sure Ageha keeps out of trouble and Good luck with work, both of you.”

“Ehhhhhhhhhhh????? KAZU’S NOT COMING?” The sound of utensils hitting the table sounded throughout the room. “But you agreed!” Ageha complained in his most perfected whining voice, once again disappointed by the actions of his friend. He was more than hoping that his older, more experienced “brother” could help them on this case. “You’re going to Goukon aren’t you?” Ageha gave him a small glare of suspicion, “Ne ne ne! Don’t try to hide your true intentions~~!” he desperately clung to Kazu’s arm shaking back and forth in a rather pouty, spoiled manner.

“Ageha!” Kiyoi said firmly. He wasn’t in the mood to listen to them quarrel over such trivial things so early in the morning… “You’ll be fine by yourselves. If anything comes up Kazu will be able to sense it so please settle down ne?” he smiled as usual, hiding his true feelings under this sweet-like smile.

“hai…” Ageha replied, letting go of Masakazu’s arm and returning to sit at the breakfast table.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back but don’t worry about me! Gomen Ageha, I’ll make it up to you later!” Masakazu yelled as he bolted up the stairs to change into his Goukon-outing clothes.

Getting out of his pajamas, he dug through his dresser drawers to find a perfect outfit. He figured he’d wear his fashionably ripped and faded jeans and a cool designed t-shirt. These had always given him the onii-kei look he always liked in the first place. Besides, the lot of girls he knew from Goukon had always fawned over this style so maybe this time it could be to his advantage. Slipping on a white shirt that had clung just perfectly to his body shape, Masakazu adjusted it to make it comfortable making sure that there wasn’t a single crease in it. Then taking a nicely plaid patterned shirt to accent his clothing, he pulled that over his body as well. Before leaving his room he stood in front of the mirror making sure that everything was in mint condition. Taking one swipe through his hair he smiled contently at the image of himself reflected back at him. (image reference can be found here xDD ……)





Masakazu ran down the small streets of his neighborhood as fast as his feet could carry him. He was going to meet his friend Takarada to see the list of pretty girls he came up with for the Goukon. Depending on their beauty, he’d have to try harder to win their affection. Turning the corner and coming into view of a small over pass he spotted  Takarada and rushed over to him.

“Gomen na~ I woke up late this morning. But…Takarada-kun…isn’t your jacket inside out??”
“Eh? Right right right…It is.” He fixed it and held out his hand to give Tamura an envelope. Taking it, Masakazu looked at the pictures of girls attending Goukon and without warning let out, “OHHHHH!!!! PRETTY WOMEN!!! TAKARADA-KUN YOU DID A GOOD JOB THIS TIME! When are we going to go meet them?”

“In about 5 hours, around 5 o’clock. I’ll meet you there at the usual spot so wait for me. I have lots of things to do. See ya”

“Un! Jya!” Masakazu waved goodbye. He was thrilled to go this time, even more than before. Smiling contently, he walked off holding the envelope in his hand and decided he’d kill some time. Shopping sounded fun to him at the moment….and going over to Harajuku Bridge to see the cosplayers. Shrugging his shoulders he continued to walk towards the busier part of town.


<after the shopping xD;; cause I’m too lazy to write about it….Masakazu arrives at the Goukon place!!>

Pressing the entrance door open, Masakazu stepped inside the restaurant somewhat nervous. He wasn’t sure if the idea of meeting the girls caused his stomach to be in butterflies or if it was the fact he’d have to figure out how to beat Kanoe…. He scanned the room once to see if he could find his “companion” already sitting down at a table until he found him. Pursing his lips in an almost pout, Masakazu fixed his eyes on Kanoe who had already gained the attention of all the girls sitting down even with out him getting a fair starting chance. Letting out a “Hmph” Masakazu smoothly walked his way over to the table and sat down next to the prettiest girl.
“ah! Tamura-kun!” Kanoe interrupted his chatting to give notice to his friend. “You’re a little late I see, how un-gentlemanly of you.” Kanoe gave him a sarcastic smile. Always teasing Masakazu was what he loved doing best since the reactions he got were more than entertaining.

“That guy!! Already trying to make me look bad! Fine then, I take your challenge! ><”

“Hmm? What was that? I heard something but I must have been too distracted by all these beautiful women to comprehend it.” Masakazu gave a smile right back to Kanoe signaling that the game had already started and there was no way he was going to back down any time soon.

Turning his attention to the girl sitting next to him, Masakazu smiled and held his gaze on her until she had felt his bold gaping. That’s when she asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Masakazu smiled wider and shook his head “U~unn. I just thought… didn’t I see you on the cover of Vogue?”  The woman smiled at him and shook her head shyly. “Why would I be? I’m not pretty enough to even be a model.”

Kanoe almost choked on the drink he was sipping at the idea of Masakazu using this as a form of complimenting. He HAD to be joking. Kanoe stifled a laugh before he interrupted their lovely conversation.

“Miss, I could search the world trying to find someone that could compare to you. But I would never find eyes like yours. Deep…rich…full of emotion. Anyone would be crazy not to hire you as a model.”

The girl turned her head over to Kanoe and albeit it was completely obvious, blushed so much her face resembled a cherry. Clearly this had won her over and Masakazu could not figure out why. Actually he didn’t really want too.

The night progressed on like this and as usual Masakazu had already been beaten in everything he tried. Origami, poems, compliments, hobbies, likes and dislikes…everything!  He didn’t know why Kanoe was so good at things like this and in all truth it bugged the hell out of him. Everyday he’d come home and not even get a chance to take any of the girls home with him. The worst days were on the unrestricted days. Those were by far the most wonderful but he’d always fail to even get one girl because of Kanoe. Didn’t help that his competitor spoke 3 languages and talked with words full of poem and song and Masakazu didn’t.  He supposed that the competition was worth fighting for regardless of his winning or losing. He had known plenty of girls that would come to him despite their lack of familiarity towards each other but Masakazu hated these girls the most…and not to mention their blood tasted spoiled.


Sighing Masakazu planted his head on his arms, tired and worn out from trying. He was about to fall asleep when he felt a small tug on the back of his shirt.

“Tamura-kun. Lets go home.” A familiar voice softly commanded him. After all it did feel insanely late.

He looked up to find a pair of soft brown eyes staring back at him and a sweet, content smile.

“Oh, Kanoe…”

“The girls have already left. You’ve been drifting off so much I don’t think you even noticed…”

Masakazu looked around surprised to find the restaurant almost empty and no where in sight were the girls.

“I thought…why are they…what am I…”
“They went home. I turned them all down. After all I wasn’t in the mood to be accompanying them all night!” Kanoe let out a small laugh. “Let’s go home. It’s getting late. No use staying here.”

Nodding his head, Masakazu stood up from his seat and slowly made way over to the exit. Kanoe followed behind him. The night air was more refreshing than it had been cold; it was surely the perfect time of year. The streets were lit up and shining brightly and no matter how many times Masakazu had walked these streets day and night, the feeling of comfort never left them.

Masakazu let out a deep long sigh and glancing over at Kanoe, something hit him. It hadn’t really occurred to him before but…looking more closely at him now, Kanoe looked devastatingly striking. Soft pale skin, Dark wavy hair…Even though he would never fully admit it...Masakazu admired Kanoe. Every moment of his life he wanted to become a little more like him. Attractive, tall, and definitely good with words and women. He couldn’t help but feel this kind of odd attraction towards him. Masakazu couldn’t quite figure it out. He had known quite a few handsome men in his life but when he looked at Kanoe the feeling was different… he began to think there was something more to the puzzle than met the eye.

 Looking over at this man who walked so casually beside him he began to think of something…Something that he knew he’d never ask before…Frankly it made him nervous and frustrated at the same time just thinking about it. He felt his heart sink…Masakazu had known that if this is what he wanted he’d have to give up everything and submit to Kanoe, of all people….Sighing once more to calm his nerves he dismissed the thoughts he was having and without thinking, yelled out, “KANOE-KUN! TEACH ME THE WAYS OF GOUKON! ONEGAISHIMASU!”

Kanoe turned his head. “Haaa?”

“I want you to teach me how to be good at attracting girls…” Masakazu’s voice trailed off…surely believing that this must have sounded stupid coming from his mouth.

Kanoe laughed. “My friend. It’s all about the art of seduction.”


“Indeed.” Kanoe smiled and put his arm around Masakazu’s shoulders. “To make a womans heart beat with just one look of the eye. It’s not that simple my friend. But If you’re willing to learn then I’ll teach you, Masakazu. Who always looses to me anyways. Haha. I’m just giving you a hard time…anyways, Lets go over to my place. There will be less distractions there since I live alone…what do you say?”

“Ah, sounds…perfect.” Masakazu mumbled shyly even for someone as straightforward as he was.

“Cheer up! You’re in good hands! You’ll have women flock to your side in no time…”

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M: Booty time!snowym on April 29th, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)

This is so cute so far ^_^!!! *so happy to have read this* ESPECIALLY the ending, where Konoe-kun has some obvious intentions for defiling Masakazu >3. I can't wait to see what happens ^o^!

I also thought it was hilarious and highly accurate that Makoto only had one line in this entire fic, and it was monosyllabic XD. And that Ageha was totally ghei for Kiyoi <3. And that Masakazu's friend still had his jacket on inside out XDD.

Please write more, if you're able! It's fantastic so far ^o^.
majide: maru smilejun_x_kohta on April 29th, 2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
*DIES* xDD Thank youuuu! (I'm laughing so much my face is starting to hurt) anyways I'm just being crazy. but I'm glad my fanfic wasn't a total failure ^^; and of course >3 clever little Kanoe will take Masakazu to his house and lock the doors so he cannot escape.<33333

Hai! I tried to fit their characters as best as I could though I think I went overdose with Ageha xD;; *headdesks*

anywho~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'll write it some more when i have free time in class/ the weekend ♥

sankyuu for reading again =3 *gives speshul cookies*
M: nowplzkthxsnowym on April 29th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
I could say a lot more about your fic than I already did... like how I almost fell out of my chair laughing from the very beginning, when you described the sound of Masakazu's ridiculous train cell-phone ringer XDD. ALSO, THE BANNER THAT YOU MADE FOR THIS FIC (WITH MASAKAZU PULLING HIS TIE LOOSE) MAKES ME LOSE ALL SENSICAL'NESS. Just so ya know XDD.

So yes, your fic definitely wasn't a total failure XDD.

And overdosing on Ageha is fine with me-- other than the Masakazu/Konoe relationship, he was my favorite part of the show <3. I mean, come on. SCHOOL GIRL OUTFIT. I think that's all I need to say XD.

*eats the speshul cookies, and waits happily ^o^*
majide: SPESHULjun_x_kohta on May 2nd, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
LMAO I FIGURED I'D MAKE A NOSEBLEED INDUCING BANNER ;D *SHINES* GLAD TO SEE IT'S WORKING ITS MAGIC♥ and I so know what you mean! LOL when i first heard that train noise go off I was like "do i live by trains?" *looks around* Cause seriously who thinks RINGTONE when they hear "chooo chooooo!!!!" xDDD

AGeha is just that cute~ and makes me feel pervy when i think he looks kawaii in school girl outfits xD